Tidal Aluma Shine

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Tidal Aluma Shine is a solution that can be used to clean and polish aluminum surfaces.

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Description:  Tidal Aluma Shine is a light-straw-colored, acidic cleaning product principally composed of sulfuric acid (10%-20% by weight), hydrofluoric acid (5%-10% by weight), ethoxylated nonylphenol (1%-5% by weight), xylene sulfonic acid sodium salt (0.1%-1% by weight), and ethoxylated alcohol phosphate (0%-0.1% by weight). It is a cleaning solution for unpainted aluminum that will leave it looking bright and shiny. Tidal Aluma Shine can also be employed to improve the shine and appearance of anodized and mirror-polished aluminum that has been damaged.


  • May be utilized with cold or hot water 
  • Nonflammable 
  • Sold in various sizes


  • Tidal Aluma Shine is a solution that cleans and brightens aluminum surfaces, as well as enhances the look of damaged aluminum.    
  • Tidal Aluma Shine must be diluted to a 1:60 ratio before use with cold water. 
  • With hot water, it may be diluted to an even lower concentration; when being utilized with hard water, it may have to be less diluted.   
  • It should be spot tested on a small portion of the desired surface before using on the entire surface.  
  • Tidal Aluma Shine may be applied with a pressure washer or pump sprayer. 
  • It should be applied from the bottom to the top of a surface, and the surface should be rinsed, from top to bottom, before the solution dries.  
  • Do not apply Tidal Aluma Shine to glass, painted surfaces, pumping systems, or heating coils. 

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Weight 530 lbs
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5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


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