Tidal Graffiti Remover

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Tidal Graffiti Remover is a 2-component system that can remove graffiti from both indoor and outdoor surfaces.  

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Description: Tidal Graffiti Remover is a graffiti removal system that includes two products. Component 1 is an orange, acidic solution consisting primarily of a proprietary surfactant blend, 2-butoxyethanol, and methyl ester from soybean oil (all 10%-20% by weight); and Component 2 is a dark brown, alkaline solution consisting primarily of morpholine (30%-40% by weight), caustic potash (5%-10% by weight), and ethoxylated nonylphenol (1%-5% by weight). These components work together to remove spray-painted graffiti from a number of different surfaces. Tidal Graffiti Remover is available in a 2×1-gallon kit and a 2×2.5-gallon kit.  


  • Safe for wet, dry, hot, and cold environments 
  • Self-neutralizing 
  • Low flammability and instability  
  • Can be utilized on porous, non-porous, coated, and uncoated surfaces 


  • Tidal Graffiti Remover is a set of two graffiti removal products that work together to expel graffiti from porous, non-porous, coated, and uncoated surfaces.   
  • Before use, spot test both components on a small portion of the desired surface.  
  • Use a low-pressure pump-up sprayer or a brush to apply Component 1 to the graffitied area.  
  • Unless cleaning an indoor or painted surface, administer Component 2 in the same fashion immediately following the application of Component 1.  
  • Let sit for 5-10 minutes, then utilize hot water, high-pressure washer to rinse off. If cleaning indoors, simply wipe off.  
  • Stubborn spray paint may require a second or third application of the Tidal Graffiti Remover system.

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2×1 Gallon Kit, 2×2.5 Gallon Kit


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