Red Fighter

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Red Fighter is a solution tailored to remove rust stains, red mud, and other discolorations from concrete and brick.  

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Description: Red Fighter is a red-colored solution that is composed of a mixture of acids, most prominently carbamidic acid (20%-30% by weight) and hydrochloric acid (10%-20% by weight). It can be used to eliminate a number of different stains from concrete and brick surfaces, such as rust stains, tire track stains, and red mud stains. This product is available in a 5-gallon pail and 55-gallon drum.


  • Nonflammable  
  • Low instability  
  • Can remove a variety of different stains  
  • Industrial strength  


  • Red Fighter can be utilized to erase blemishes from mud, rust, tires, and other materials from concrete and brick.  
  • It should be applied with a pump sprayer in 3’ by 5’ segments, then scrubbed with a plastic bristle brush or broom in order to better permeate the surface.  
  • The solution should be allowed to sit for 10-30 minutes, and finally, rinse off with a high-pressure sprayer. 

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Weight 515 lbs
Dimensions N/A

4×1 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


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