Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser

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Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser is a multipurpose detergent that can be used for general cleaning, as well as removing a wide variety of stains.   

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Description: Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser is an orange-colored cleaning solution that contains citrus extract, methyl ester from soybean oil, and 2-butoxyethanol (all 10%-20% by weight). It effectively cleans up dirt and grime such as grease, soap scrum, printer ink, carbon deposits, road tar, and more. It may also be used for the general disinfection of kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Pleasant citrus odor
  • Low instability
  • Does not include any hard abrasives
  • Available in three sizes to suit a range of cleaning needs


  • Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser will cleanse grease, soap scrum, printer ink, carbon deposits, road tar, and many other types of blemishes from surfaces.
  • It should not be diluted before use.
  • To apply, simply spray, wipe, brush, or mop Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser onto the desired surface.
  • To remove carbonized grease, apply Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser, let sit for several minutes, then clean off the grease using a scraper or putty knife.
  • Do not use Tidal Super Citrus Degreaser on hot surfaces.

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Weight 40 lbs
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4×1 Gallon Case, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


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