How Do You Clean Exterior Brick?

How Do You Clean Exterior Brick?

Bricks are a sturdy construction material that gives homes a beautiful, rustic appearance. However, this look can be subdued when the bricks become covered in dirt, moss, and mildew. If you are looking to remove this unsightly grime from a brick wall or house, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will go over 5 essential steps for cleaning brick surfaces.

How to Clean Exterior Brick: 5 Easy Steps

  1. Purchase a Brick Cleaning Solution

Before you begin the process of cleaning bricks, you need to find a good cleaning solution. There is a multitude of brick cleaners on the market, so it is a good idea to do some research on brick cleaners to find the best one. Brick cleaners that are available in bulk sizes are convenient if you are looking to clean a large surface. Additionally, if you want to save time and money, brick cleaners that can be used on other masonry surfaces, such as tile and stucco, are quite helpful.

  1. Prepare the Area

To prevent vegetation from becoming damaged by your brick cleaning solution, cover any plants surrounding the surface you will be cleaning with a tarp to protect them.

  1. Wet Down the Brick

Since bricks are porous, they may become discolored if brick cleaners are applied without wetting them down first. Thus, you will want to thoroughly wet the brick surface with a garden hose before using your brick cleaning solution.

  1. Apply Your Cleaning Solution

Next, administer your cleaning solution of choice to the bricks. Pressure washing is an effective method for applying detergent to bricks while blasting off dirt and grime. Some brick cleaners come with instructions on how to use them with a pressure washer, which is a great feature. However, if your cleaner does not, a good rule of thumb is to keep the pressure washer at 3,000 PSI or lower.

  1. Rinse

Finally, rinse your bricks using a pressure washer or garden hose. You can also use the hose to rinse off any surrounding areas that your brick cleaning solution may have splashed onto.

Looking for Cleaners?

Clearly, a good brick cleaner is an important element of the brick cleaning process. If you are wondering where to purchase one, you’re in luck! Tidal Washers offers several industrial-strength brick cleaners All of our brick cleaners are available in a variety of sizes and are safe to use on numerous types of masonry. To learn more, please contact us here!

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