Pressure Washing Chemicals Proper Usages

Pressure Washing Chemicals Proper Usages

How Pressure Washing Chemicals Work

When using detergents and other pressure washing chemicals in a pressure or power washer in a commercial setting, you need to keep in mind the proper application of the chemical at all times. Not all chemicals that are used in combination with a pressure washer should be used in high-pressure settings, and many chemicals, particularly powerful stain removers, are actually applied using other tools such as pump sprayers and must be then rinsed, after application, using a pressure washer. Other chemicals need to be used at high pressure in order to be effective. Finally, many chemicals and cleaners need to be diluted either for cleaning certain surfaces or for simply using them safely.

Improper usage can lead to damaging whatever is being cleaned, particularly when working with more corrosive chemicals or they’re being used on less durable materials such as wood or certain metals. Contact us today to not only purchase chemicals and detergents in bulk but also to talk to our team of chemical professionals and get any information you may need about the chemicals being used and their proper usage and application.

Advantages of Getting Pressure Washing Chemicals from Us

  • Expert Knowledge – Our team of dedicated chemists is always happy to help you find exactly the right chemical you need and will work closely with you to ensure the proper usage and storage in order to keep you and your facilities safe.
  • Bulk Availability – All our chemicals are provided in bulk sizes: 5-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums. This allows us to offer you the most affordable prices possible while giving you the convenience of always having enough supply.
  • Eco-Friendly – We offer not only traditional chemicals, cleaners, and detergents but also green chemical alternatives and resources for chemical recycling. Our team is dedicated to green business practices and to reducing the chemical industry’s carbon footprint.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to purchase bulk or wholesale pressure washing detergents and chemicals, are curious about their proper usage of them, or for any other information on chemicals and detergents for pressure and power washers, contact us here.

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