Differences Between Soap & Detergent

Differences Between Soap & Detergent

Soaps and Detergents Basics

While soap and detergent are often used for similar purposes, they actually have a few key differences that change how they are used. In general, the main difference between soaps and detergents is that soap is typically made out of natural ingredients such as oils or fats while detergents are made from synthetic chemicals. However, just because detergents are made from synthetic ingredients, this does not necessarily mean that they are harmful to the environment. In the past, many detergents contained harmful ingredients such as phosphates which could damage local waterways by creating large algae blooms, but nowadays most detergents, particularly those used in pressure and power washing, do not contain these substances and are almost entirely biodegradable.

Why is Power or Pressure Washing With Soap Not Recommended

It is recommended to use detergents specifically designed for the purpose of pressure or power washing over other chemicals or soaps. As a general rule, soaps are not concentrated highly enough to be effective in a pressure washer. Pressure washing detergents are ideal due to their high concentration, which will allow you to save both time and water in comparison to pressure washing with soap or with detergents not designed for this purpose. In addition, putting soap or chemicals not designed for pressure washing into the machine can damage the pressure washer.

Benefits of Tidal Washer’s Detergent for Power and Pressure Washing

  • Eco-Friendly – One of the main benefits of working with Tidal Washers is its dedication to the environment and to reducing the overall environmental footprint of the chemical industry. This focus on green practices extends to not only pressure washing detergents, but to all of their products.
  • Available in Bulk –Tidal Washer’s chemicals are sold in bulk in order to provide their products as conveniently and affordably as possible for their customers. Detergents for pressure and power washing are sold in both 5-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums.
  • Expert Knowledge – Tidal Washers’ has a team of chemical experts who work with you and help you decide on the products that would best suit your needs. Tidal Washers will also provide you with any storage, safety, or usage information for any of the products you purchase through them.

Where to Find Pressure and Power Washing Detergent

Want to learn more about detergents for use in power and pressure washers? Contact Tidal Washers today to find high-quality, bulk chemicals for an affordable price or to speak with their team of experts

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