Understanding Industrial Pressure Washing Standards and Regulations  

Understanding Industrial Pressure Washing Standards and Regulations  

Pressure washing utilizes a stream of pressurized water to clean countless surfaces. Some variations of this method require specific components, such as high-temperature water. Whatever kind that you use, certain standards and regulations must be followed when being industrially applied.   

Special Care Chemicals in Wastewater  

There are certain restrictions when it comes to wastewater from this pressurized method. One of the restrictions is that certain materials can never be allowed to enter the storm sewer system. Some of the chemicals that fall under this restriction are as follows:  

  • Acid waste  
  • Alkaline waste  
  • Wastewater containing insoluble oil  
  • Wastewater containing free-floating oil  
  • Flammable  
  • Reactive and/or poisonous substances   

Industrial Pressure Washing Standards and Regulations  

  • Wastewater from this method should not be allowed to enter any drainage system or natural bodies of water.  
  • Wastewater that contains any pollutant, such as debris or residues from cleaning products, should not be allowed to sit on surfaces and evaporate.   
  • Wastewater should not be disposed of on land in a way that is hazardous to the soil and the environment.   
  • If there is food waste or any type of garbage in the wastewater, it cannot be disposed of on land.  

This list, though not as extensive as one might think, should be looked at if you are to engage in this method.   

Collecting Wastewater  

To adhere to these standards and regulations, it is best to collect the wastewater when you can. Here are some ways this can be done:  

  • Diversion dikes   
  • It is a type of barrier that blocks wastewater from entering storm drains.  
  • Covers or mats for storm drains  
  • These prevent wastewater from entering the storm drain while simultaneously collecting the wastewater.   
  • Inflatable pipe plug  
  • An inflatable plug is used to block wastewater from fully entering the storm drain. The wastewater is collected at the drain inlet by this device.   
  • Containment pools  
  • Vacuums (and vacuum booms)  

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