Top Safety Tips for Industrial Pressure Washing and Cleaning

Top Safety Tips for Industrial Pressure Washing and Cleaning

Pressure washing is a valuable technique for cleaning various build-ups of contaminants. There are several types of washers that are designed to aid in this pressurized cleansing.  However, there are dangers associated with this technique if it is not done properly. To ensure industrial pressure washing safety, we will go over a few things to keep in mind. 

General Industrial Pressure Washing Safety Tips 

  • Avoid pointing the pressure washer at yourself, anyone else, or at objects. 
  • Avoid using gas-powered pressure washers in areas with good ventilation. 
  • Children should not be allowed to use this pressurized machinery. 
  • Children should be kept away from a washer in use.   
  • Clear the area before you start cleaning.  

Personal Protection Equipment  

For optimum safety when performing this often-used cleaning method, the following should be worn: 

  • Coveralls 
  • Heavy-duty raincoat 
  • Safety goggles 
  • A full face shield should be worn if the PSI is above 2000 


Wastewater can be a concern in terms of industrial cleansing safety. Some areas of the cleaning surface could be dirtier than others. Likewise, some areas might contain micro-organisms among other things, that could be potentially harmful. Due to this, you must be very careful to not allow the wastewater to come into contact with you. It is highly recommended that you wash yourself thoroughly after engaging in this method.  

What to Do in Case of Injury 

In case of injury, the following procedure can be followed: 

  1. Use soap and water to wash your hands. 
  2. Dislodge any material blocking your wound treatment. 
  3. Stop the bleeding by applying pressure with a clean cloth. 
  4. Pour clean water over the wound once the bleeding has stopped. 
  5. Use soap and water to clean the wound carefully.  
  6. Dry the area. 
  7. Use a clean cloth or a Band-Aid to cover the wound. Wounds that are not clean must be left open. 
  8. Obtain medical attention as fast as possible.  

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