Concrete Slayer

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Concrete Slayer is a concrete-removing solution that is safe to use on ready-mix trucks, scaffolding, forms, and other hard surfaces. 

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Description: Concrete Slayer is a straw-colored acidic solution primarily composed of hydrochloric acid (20%-30% by weight), carbamidic acid (10%-20% by weight), and phosphoric acid (1%-5% by weight). It is formulated to eliminate concrete that has accumulated on surfaces such as ready-mix trucks, scaffolding, and forms. Concrete Slayer also includes corrosion inhibitors that prevent damage to ferrous metals and wire harnesses. Additionally, it contains spray wax, which helps to boost shine on painted surfaces.  


  • Nonflammable 
  • Noncorrosive  
  • Can be used on painted surfaces, ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals 
  • Sold in various sizes


  • Concrete Slayer is a solution that effectively removes compacted concrete from a wide variety of surfaces, including ready-mix trucks, scaffolding, and forms.  
  • The degree to which Concrete Slayer should be diluted depends upon the severity of the cleaning job. 
  • For severe concrete buildup, use without dilution.  
  • For heavy concrete buildup, dilute to a 1:3 concentration. 
  • For moderate concrete buildup, dilute to a 1:6 concentration. 
  • For light concrete buildup, dilute to a 1:12 concentration.  

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Weight 570 lbs
Dimensions N/A

5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


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