Bleach to Water Ratio For Pressure Washing

Bleach to Water Ratio For Pressure Washing

Bleach to Water Ratio For Pressure Washing  

Pressure washing is a reliable and common technique that uses highly pressurized water to cleanse a multitude of surfaces. This technique implements many additional chemical compounds to guarantee the best results, one such chemical compound is bleach. This chemical compound cannot be placed under pressure alone, therefore, it must be mixed with the universal solvent. The right ratio for these two substances is one part bleach to four parts water or three parts water to one part bleach, depending on the circumstances. 

The Steps for the Right Ratio 

Applying this chemical compound inside a washer is a task that must be done with caution. Here is how to do it without fault: 

Step One: Get an empty bucket and place it near your pressure washer. Make sure that your pressure washer is positioned in a convenient place for cleaning. 

Step Two: Put on protective gear for your eyes and hands, to ensure your safety. 

Step Three: Mix one part bleach to four parts water or one part to three parts (this varies depending on how much sodium hypochlorite is present and the level of your cleaning task). 

Step Four: Make sure that there are no clogs in your machinery, then place the bleach solution into your bucket with your siphon hose and weighted strainer. 

Step Five: Begin to use it accordingly. 

What It Can Contribute  

This chemical compound can enhance the cleansing of many exteriors as well as interior surfaces. It is used to clean mold and mildew.  

However, despite its properties, it is not ideal for this type of cleansing due to the purity of its makeup. If used in the wrong way, it can cause great damage to your pressure washer and yourself as well. 

Remember, to always be cautious when using this chemical.

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