Chemicals Professional  Power Washers Use

Chemicals Professional Power Washers Use

Introduction to Pressure Washing Chemicals

There are a variety of chemicals used by professional and commercial pressure washing services. It’s important to know which chemicals are used for pressure washing detergents, rust removal, deck stripping, and other tasks, as their use, application, and storage can vary depending on the different chemicals used in the mixture.

Pressure washing chemicals used for removing paint or graffiti from a building will simply not work as well for removing rust, for instance. Another important factor to keep in mind when making decisions on which chemical you may want to use is its potential impact on the environment.

Common Chemicals Used in Commercial Pressure Washing

  • Sodium Hydroxide – Chemical used in many cleaners and stain removers to emulsify oils, grease, paints, and other substances.
  • Hydrochloric Acid (Inhibited) – A powerful corrosive, it is often used in conjunction with additives that act to inhibit the corrosiveness of the chemical, making it much safer to use. Products containing hydrochloric acid include rust and mud stain removers and cleaners.
  • Oxalic Acid – Chemical often used in cleaning and stain removal products. Interestingly, despite being dangerous if brought into contact with skin or ingested in its concentrated form, oxalic acid is actually biodegradable in most conditions, giving it little to no environmental impact.
  • Bleach – Usually referring to sodium hypochlorite, “bleach” is a generic name used for chemicals used to remove stains or color from something while also sanitizing and disinfecting the object being cleaned. Many commercial pressure washing services that use bleach often use it in conjunction with additives that enhance the foam capabilities
  • D-Limonene – One of the chemicals found within the peels of citrus fruits, D-Limonene is used in many commercial cleaners and degreasers on the market.

Need More Information or Want to Get in Contact?

If you need more information on which detergents to buy or about some of the compounds found in commercial pressure washing chemicals, or if you would like to purchase eco-friendly pressure washing chemicals in bulk, contact us today. Our team of experts is always ready to help you find exactly the right chemical for your needs and to answer any questions you may have.

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