Alternative Fleet Washing Chemicals

Alternative Fleet Washing Chemicals

Many companies are questioning the safety and environmental effects of the chemicals they use for fleet washing purposes—and with good reason. Many of the chemicals found in cleaning solutions used for fleet washing are highly toxic and can potentially harm workers’ health and the environment. Read on to learn more about the hazardous chemicals found in common cleaning solutions and where you can find alternative fleet washing chemicals.

Dangers of Current Fleet Washing Chemicals

One of the most common chemicals used in fleet washing cleaners is sodium hydroxide, but it isn’t the only toxic chemical in this type of cleaner. This chemical, among similar ones, has been shown to be very toxic and causes multiple health and environmental issues:

  • Can cause skin irritation
  • Can cause eye irritation and permanent damage
  • Repeated inhalation can cause permanent damage to the lungs
  • Can react with metals to form flammable hydrogen gas
  • Is not biodegradable and creates hazardous waste

Because of these concerning qualities, many companies are searching for products that are safer for workers without compromising on quality.

What Makes Fleet Washing Chemicals Eco-Friendly?

Thankfully, alternative options are becoming significantly more available and cost-effective for industrial cleaning. But when it comes to choosing an eco-friendly option, make sure to check that the cleaning solution you are interested in buying is actually safe for the environment and possesses the following qualities:

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Low toxicity
  • Low VOC content

Here are some of the best alternative fleet washing chemicals on the market today:

  1. Citrus-based products = Typically consists of d-limonene, an oil extracted from orange rinds, or citric acid. Ideal for cleaning, degreasing, and stain removal. These chemicals are eco-friendly and considered safe for humans.
  2. Potassium hydroxide = Considered a safer and more eco-friendly replacement for sodium hydroxide, a highly corrosive and toxic chemical. Ideal for the removal of grease, oils, and carbon-based dirt.
  3. Touchless Truck & Trailer = This is a specifically formulated industrial strength product that consists of a system of two separate products: a washer and a degreaser. It is non-flammable and eliminates grease, oil, and dirt from painted surfaces or polished aluminum. Can be used to clean trucks, trailers, RVs, tractors, mobile homes, and buildings.

Looking for Industrial-Grade Fleet Washing Solutions?

If you are looking for fleet washing chemical-based solutions for industrial cleaning purposes, you are in the perfect place. Here at Tidal Washers, we provide various chemicals for degreasing, cleaning, and other industrial cleaning processes. Click here to contact our knowledgeable staff today and find the best product for your industrial needs!

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