4 Features of Effective Graffiti Removal Solution

4 Features of Effective Graffiti Removal Solution

Trying to Remove Graffiti?

Are you wondering how to get rid of graffiti from a building or other piece of architecture without painting- or repainting- the entire thing? A powerful graffiti removal solution will greatly aid you in this process and leave the building looking fresh and new. Read on to discover four important features to look for when shopping for graffiti removal solutions.

Qualities of a Great Graffiti Removal Solutions

  1. Usable on Many Surfaces

Graffiti can occur in a wide variety of locations: buildings, bridges, road signs, and the list goes on. Accordingly, one essential feature of a good graffiti removal solution is the ability to remove graffiti from a number of different surfaces, such as masonry, metal, painted materials, and wood. That way, you’ll be able to rely on it to safely clean graffiti off of a variety of materials without damaging the underlying surface.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Many graffiti removal solutions are solvents- liquids that other liquids can dissolve in. Unfortunately, solvents often have negative effects on the environment. For instance, acetone, which can be used to remove spray paint from plastics, is somewhat toxic to aquatic organisms. As is dichloromethane, a common ingredient in many paint removers. A graffiti removal solution that is solvent-free, therefore, is more eco-friendly. Biodegradable solutions are also better for the environment, as they are easily decomposed by microorganisms into harmless substances. If you are going to be using large amounts of graffiti removal solutions regularly and want them to have the smallest environmental impact possible, this is an important feature to consider when looking at various products.

  1. Comes with Clear Instructions

Any good graffiti removal solution should come with precise instructions for use, with everything from whether or not it needs to be diluted, to how long it should be allowed to sit on the graffiti, to what tools (pressure washer, soft-bristle brush, etc.) it should be used with. This is a valuable feature for graffiti removal solutions to have because explicit instructions will minimize the chances of damaging the surface you are trying to remove it from.

  1. Available to Purchase Online

The ability to buy graffiti removal solutions online is helpful for several reasons. First, it eliminates the need to walk around big box stores and attempt to find the product you’re looking for finding a product online is typically easier and faster. Second, shopping online can help you be a more informed customer since you’re likely to find more detail about a solution on its webpage than on its label. And finally, browsing for products online often comes with the added benefit of customer support to answer any questions you have.

Where to Buy Graffiti Removal Solutions

Where should you purchase a graffiti removal solution that has all of these features? Look no further than Tidal Washers! Our Face Away graffiti remover is safe for many surfaces, solvent-free and biodegradable, and comes with clear instructions for use. Plus, our team of chemists is available to answer questions and help you find the product that is right for you. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today!

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