Solvent-Free Graffiti Removal

Solvent-Free Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is becoming more and more common to see in a variety of places, and sometimes it may seem as if it’s impossible to properly remove it without messing with the surface beneath it. Part of the problem comes with the variety of surfaces graffiti is usually tagged on, as something that will remove it from metal often may not remove it from brick or concrete, so knowing your surface is an important part of the process. Thankfully, the process of graffiti removal isn’t as laborious as you would expect due to the developments of the cleaners.

What Could I Use?

Removing graffiti from brick, concrete, or other porous surfaces requires something stronger as the sun can make the paint set into the surface even further, especially when it has been there for a while. While it does not pose a challenge to the products being used, it is something to make a note of that the timeliness of the removal will affect the length process.

Cleaners will help reopen and clean out the pores in the material for the paint to be wiped away, and most can be used without damaging a painted surface beneath the graffiti.

When it comes to removing graffiti from a smooth surface such as metal, options are a bit more limited but are efficient. There is also a selection of cleaners that work on several kinds of surfaces as needed.

As graffiti becomes more common, there are more efficient ways to remove it being developed all the time and as such are becoming less labor-intensive on the individual. Many graffiti removal products are free of methanol, solvent-free, and in many cases biodegradable, which provides a safer feel while cleaning and makes the products available in several regions due to the lack of more harmful chemicals. Many cleaners are also fumeless and also safe enough to use indoors, as opposed to only outdoor surfaces.

Trying To Find Graffiti Removal Products?

If you’re trying to find a graffiti remover that works best for you, Tidal Washers offers a selection of products for you to pick from, as well as other house maintenance products you may need. There is a contact line available if you have more questions about what we provide!

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