How to Choose the Right Industrial Power Washing Equipment for Your Business  

How to Choose the Right Industrial Power Washing Equipment for Your Business  

If your business needs power washing equipment, you might want to know how to choose the right one. And luckily for you, Tidal Washers can guide you into making the best choice! Inside this blog will go over some basic information that can help you determine the right strong pressurized equipment for your business needs!  

Basics of a Power Washer  

There are three acronyms that you must know when choosing the right power washer for your needs.   

  • PSI: Pounds Per Square Inch  
  • This acronym relates to the amount of pressure the power washer generates.  
  • GPM: Gallons Per Minute  
  • This acronym is about the water flow’s volume.  
  • CU: Cleaning Units  
  • This acronym combines the PSI and GPM and correlates to the efficiency of a power washer.  

One thing to keep in mind is that the PSI can be easily manipulated by various things, while GPM cannot.  

Power Level   

  • Light Duty  
  • Can reach up to 1899 PSI with GPM between ½ and 2.  
  • Power washers at this level are best for cleaning grills, vehicles, and outdoor furniture.  
  • Medium Duty   
  • Reaches between 1900 and 2788 PSI with GPM between 1 to 3.  
  • Power washers at this level are best for cleaning houses and stores  
  • Heavy Duty  
  • Reaches more than 2800 PSI with a GPM of 2 or more.   
  • Heavy-duty power washers are great for cleaning jobs that are larger in scale. Some examples are cleaning two-story houses, stripping paint, and cleaning decks.  

To Use an Electric or Gas Power Washer for High-Pressure Industrial Cleaning?  

There are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing between electric and gas power washers. Some considerations are as follows:  

  • Noise level  
  • Power  
  • Mobility  
  • Maintenance   

Both types of power washers have their pros and cons for high-pressure industrial cleaning. Some basics of electric pressure washers are as follows:  

  • Push-button start  
  • Quieter   
  • Environmentally friendlier   
  • Lighter in weight   
  • Does not require a lot of maintenance   
  • Good for most light-duty to heavy-duty jobs.  
  • Corded models aren’t very portable, but there are battery-operated pressure washers   
  • Some have extra features   

Some important qualities of gas pressure washers are as follows:  

  • Have greater mobility than corded pressure washers   
  • Have greater power for large-scale cleaning jobs  
  • Most pressure washers have manual pull start, but some washers do have push-button start  
  • Carbon monoxide emission   

Need Pressure Washing Detergents?  

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