Tips for Cleaning Mortar off Masonry

Tips for Cleaning Mortar off Masonry

Does Your Masonry Need Cleaning?

Brick, tile, and other types of masonry are common building materials, as they give homes an attractive, old-fashioned look. Unfortunately, the process of laying brick or tile with mortar can be difficult, and mortar may end up not only between each brick but on their exterior surfaces as well. If you are searching for help with this frustrating problem, look no further! This blog post will discuss several tips for cleaning mortar off masonry that will leave your house’s exterior looking immaculate.

Cleaning Mortar off Masonry Made Simple

  • Start the Process ASAP

Did you know that just three days after being applied, mortar attains around 90% of its binding capacity? This is why cleaning mortar off masonry is easier the earlier you begin. However, if it has been much longer than three days, don’t worry- read on for more tips that will make cleaning mortar off masonry simple and straightforward.

  • Obtain a Masonry Cleaning Solution

Before you begin the process of cleaning mortar off masonry, you’ll want to find a cleaning solution formulated for masonry. An acidic cleaning solution will be most efficient at breaking down excess mortar since mortar is alkaline.

  • Prepare Your Surface

Another important tip for cleaning mortar off masonry is to wet down the wall you are cleaning before applying detergent. This ensures that your cleaning solution is as effective as possible and does not absorb into the porous brick.

  • Apply Your Solution from the Bottom Up

To avoid streaking, spray your cleaning solution from the bottom to the top of the surface you are cleaning. This may not be the most crucial element of cleaning mortar off masonry, but if you want your wall to look as pristine as possible, it should not be neglected!

  • Brush Off Extra Mortar

If any areas of your wall contain a large amount of excess mortar, you might need to use a scrub brush to help remove it. However, with a strong cleaning solution, this step in the process of cleaning mortar off masonry may not be necessary. (Keep reading to learn where you can purchase powerful masonry cleaners!)

  • Do a Final Rinse

The final step in cleaning mortar off masonry is to give the wall a final rinse to remove your cleaning solution and any mortar or other debris that has loosened. Unlike in the application of cleaning solution, move from top to bottom during this step.

Where Should You Buy Masonry Cleaner?

Now that you have learned about cleaning mortar off masonry, you might want to get started, beginning with finding a cleaning solution. Tidal Washers can help! Our Pro 80 New Masonry Cleaner, ProRestore 21, and Pro BRC solutions are effective and safe for a wide range of masonry materials. If you would like to learn more, please contact us here.

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