Why Does Moss Grow on Roof Shingles & Is it Bad?

Why Does Moss Grow on Roof Shingles & Is it Bad?

We associate picturesque cottages with moss-lined roofs as being dreamlike and straight out of a fairytale. But in reality, this green build-up has more of a nightmarish quality to it. Letting moss grow freely across your shingles can put your home, building, or other structure at risk. In this article, we will discuss how moss develops on your roof, why it’s harmful, and how to get rid of it.

Why does moss grow on roof shingles?  

In order for this organism to grow, it requires cool and moist conditions. Homes located in humid regions or ones that receive lots of rainfall or other forms of precipitation are more at risk for growth. Houses situated under trees or other canopies are also more likely to receive extra growth since sunlight can’t reach the area, keeping it cool and wet.

When enough moisture gathers on the surface of a roof, moss grows along and in between shingles and spreads across the shaded or moist area. This green substance can become a few inches thick with the help of rain and other water, trapping it inside its spores.

Why this growth is bad

Since this organism traps water, it prevents proper drainage from occurring. The accumulation of water on your roof can be detrimental to your home’s exterior and interior. Water damage can cause your roof to decay or sag, and can even make its way into your home and cause serious structural damage.

Want to get rid of moss?

No matter the material of your roofing, effectively washing away these green blotches from your shingles requires a cleaning solution. For heavy-duty cleaning on durable shingles such as asphalt and fiberglass, opt for a solution with industrial-grade chemicals. Combine the solution with a low-pressure power wash to get your roof moss-free.

Looking for a cleaning solution?

TidalWashers offers heavy-duty roof cleaning solutions to get rid of debris stuck on your shingles. Great for asphalt and fiberglass shingles, this super-concentrated solution is a perfect option for commercial cleaners and businesses and is available for bulk purchases. Visit our website to learn more about our solutions or get in touch with one of our team members at (800)-563-1305 to find the best cleaner for you!

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