5 Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer Detergent

5 Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer Detergent

Thinking about Pressure Washer Detergent?

If your futile attempts of scrubbing away at dirt and other filth have left Team You – 0 and Team Grime – 1, then it’s time to stock up on heavy-duty supplies. Invest in a professional pressure washer detergent next time you wash the outside of your home or building to clean smarter, not harder. TidalWashers offers a variety of options that’ll transform any exterior into a spotless surface. Click here to view a catalog of our industrial-grade products.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use a pressure washer detergent:

#1 Faster Wash

Pressure or a power wash is great for blasting away tough stains, but not nearly as effective all by itself. Choosing a detergent specific to your target surface helps break down and lift up stubborn stains, making the cleaning process much more efficient and effective compared to a water-only wash.

#2 Multi-Purposeful

Many cleaning solutions are multi-surface safe, allowing you to get more out of your money. TidalWashers offers industrial-grade detergents that work on various surfaces to remove dirt and other debris such as efflorescence, rust, gum, graffiti, and more. Many of our products work across a variety of surfaces on the exterior of your home or building. For example, our masonry cleaners are suitable for:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stucco
  • Stone
  • & Other hard surfaces

#3 Useful for Stubborn & Old Stains

The older the stain, the trickier it is to get out. For common marks like rust, tar, paint, and organic stains such as leaves and berries, use more than just a high-pressure water blast. Completely get rid of these stains and any other shadows they leave behind with pressure washer detergents that have chemicals specially manufactured to lift and erase these long-lasting blemishes from your surface.

#4 Cleans & Brightens

Just think, washing your clothes with only water may get most of the dirt off, but using a laundry detergent will make them cleaner, whiter, and all-around better. Deep clean your surfaces the same way by choosing the best solution for your power or pressure washer. For instance, cleaning the exterior of gutters with only water may leave behind faint streaks and shadows, but a detergent will clean, disinfect, and brighten the surface.

#5 Easy Clean-up

TidalWashers is an eco-friendly brand that strives to create environmentally conscious products. We have a variety of biodegradable solutions that make cleaning up a breeze. With no harmful chemicals, there is no disposal to worry about afterward.

Searching for the best detergent?

Whether you’re looking to clean decks, housing, cars, roofs, or any other surface, TidalWashers has a wide selection of professional products to choose from. Our cleaning solutions use fewer chemicals and opt for ones that aren’t as toxic. Available to buy in bulk quantities, our detergents are a great choice for commercial cleaners and businesses. Visit our website to view our assortment of diverse solutions, or get in contact with one of our team members here.

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