5 Pressure Washer Uses That May Surprise You

5 Pressure Washer Uses That May Surprise You

Looking for New Ways to Use Your Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are powerful tools that are often used to clean outdoor surfaces like siding, roofs, and windows. However, there also exists a multitude of unconventional ways to use pressure washers that many people do not know about. This blog post will go over 5 of these lesser-known pressure washer uses.  

5 Unusual Pressure Washer Uses


First up on the list of unusual pressure washer uses is grill cleaning. To cleanse your grill with a pressure washer, make sure you disconnect the propane tank first. Then, simply apply your cleaning solution from bottom to top, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse from top to bottom. This will leave your grill sparkling and ready for your next BBQ!  

Outdoor Trash Cans

Outdoor trash cans can become smelly, especially during hot summer months, which is why pressure washing them is perhaps one of the best pressure washer uses! Just remove any trash from the can, apply detergent to its interior and exterior surfaces, and finally, rinse off with a pressure washer at a low setting.  

Lawn Mowers

Pressure washers can also be utilized to cleanse lawn mowers. The mower’s blades and spark plug should be removed beforehand. Then, its deck and engine can be pressure washed.  Most people would not think of using a pressure washer to clean other outdoor tools, making this one of the more unknown pressure washer uses.  


Some pressure washer uses don’t have anything to do with humans’ dwellings- but rather, animals’ dwellings. Pressure washing on the lowest setting will easily eliminate dirt, mold, and bird droppings from birdbaths, and will keep your backyard birds happy and healthy.  

Playground Equipment

Last up on this list of unusual pressure washer uses is cleaning playground equipment. Playgrounds can become dirty rapidly and may even turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. Luckily, administering a detergent and then blasting it off with a pressure washer is an efficient way to clean and disinfect all kinds of playground equipment.  

Where to Buy Pressure Washer Solution

Hopefully, after reading this blog post, your list of potential pressure washer uses has expanded! Are you wondering where to purchase detergent to assist with some of these pressure washer uses? Look no further- here at Tidal Washers, we offer a variety of industrial-strength solutions that are suitable for pressure washing. Additionally, our team is available to answer any questions you may have before purchasing. Contact us today!  

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