How to Find Professional Masonry Cleaner

How to Find Professional Masonry Cleaner

Do You Need Professional Masonry Cleaners?

Masonry materials such as brick and stone are popular in home construction, and for good reason- they’re strong, sturdy, and visually appealing. However, some of that visual appeal is lost when their surfaces become dirty, dusty, or stained. A good cleaning product will be able to restore these buildings to their former radiance. Are you looking for a solution with this ability? Read on to learn what attributes every great professional masonry cleaner should have!

Features of an Effective Professional Masonry Cleaner

  • Acidic

Firstly, a useful professional masonry cleaner should be acidic. Mortar, which is often used in the construction of brick walls, is alkaline, so an acidic solution will effortlessly break down any excess mortar you may be looking to remove from the bricks’ surfaces. The acidic component of many masonry cleaners is hydrochloric acid, also called muriatic acid; look for this ingredient in the product’s description. Acidic solutions are safe to use on most types of masonry, including brick, concrete, granite, and slate. (A few of the less common types, such as marble and glazed terracotta, are sensitive to acid, so be conscious of the surface you are cleaning.)

  • Safe for Many Types of Masonry

As stated above, no professional masonry cleaner will be usable on every single type of masonry. However, an acidic cleaning solution will be safe for the majority of them. Ideally, the solution should list either on its label or online which surfaces it can be used for. A professional masonry cleaner with this attribute is also eco-friendly: it cuts down on packaging by eliminating the need to buy one cleaner for brick, another for granite, and so on.

  • Concentrated

Speaking of eco-friendly traits, a professional masonry cleaner that is concentrated is also better for the environment. Cleaners that are already diluted to the correct concentration may be convenient, but they can lead to an unnecessary excess of packaging since they are consumed more quickly. Conversely, a concentrated solution will decrease the frequency with which you run out of cleaner. This quality is not only eco-friendly but economically friendly too!

  • Comes with Customer Support

Even after reading the label of a cleaning solution, you may still have questions about it. That’s why the availability of online support to answer questions and help you find the product that is right for you is a valuable characteristic for any professional masonry cleaner to have.

Where to Find Professional Masonry Cleaners

You may now be wondering where you should buy a professional masonry cleaner with all of these features- look no further than Tidal Washers! We offer cleaning solutions that are acidic, safe for several kinds of masonry and concentrated. Plus, our customer support team is available to help with any inquiries. If you would like to learn more about our cleaning products, please contact us today!

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