What Chemicals Remove Graffiti?

What Chemicals Remove Graffiti?

Why Are Chemicals Needed to Remove Graffiti?

Are you wondering how to remove unwanted graffiti from a building or wall? You may be considering painting over graffiti, but this method has several drawbacks. While it works well for painted surfaces, it does not look as good when used for brick, concrete, or other unpainted areas. Additionally, the paint may start to peel if it is applied to the same surface multiple times. Thus, using a chemical cleaning solution to completely remove the graffiti is usually the best plan of action. This blog post will go over several popular and effective chemicals to remove graffiti.

Examples of Chemicals to Remove Graffiti

  • Methylene Chloride
    Methylene chloride is perhaps one of the most well-known chemicals to remove graffiti, as it is an ingredient in many graffiti removal solutions. It is excellent at eliminating graffiti from a variety of surfaces, but it should not be used on plastic, because it will soften it.
  • Lacquer Thinner
    Next up on the list of chemicals to remove graffiti is lacquer thinner. Lacquer thinner consists of a mixture of two or more solvents, such as acetone, amyl acetate, ethyl acetate, ketone, or toluene. It is great at getting rid of hardened paint, especially spray paint. However, it will soften and damage plastic and vinyl.
  • Mineral Spirits
    Mineral spirits is the name used for a petroleum distillate solution that is similar to turpentine, but is less sticky and has a milder odor. Unlike the chemicals to remove graffiti that is listed above, mineral spirits can only remove fresh paint. Therefore, it is best to test out mineral spirits first before moving on to more powerful solutions.
  • Acetone
    Finally, acetone is another chemical that is useful for removing graffiti as well as varnish. Like many other chemicals to remove graffiti, it should not be applied to plastic surfaces. Additionally, acetone should not be administered with a nylon brush, as it will damage the bristles.

Graffiti Removal Safety

When using chemicals to remove graffiti, safety is of utmost importance, because many of them release hazardous fumes and/or are highly flammable. Always read the product’s instruction label and take the proper precautions to protect yourself and others.

Looking for Chemicals to Remove Graffiti?

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