How to Effectively Use Roof Cleaner Solution

How to Effectively Use Roof Cleaner Solution

Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

Inspecting and cleaning your roof regularly is a crucial aspect of home maintenance. This ensures that your roof is in good shape and that moss and lichen, which can damage your roof’s integrity over time, do not go unnoticed. This article will go over several tips for using roof cleaner solutions during this process to help remove lichen, moss, and other debris, and leave your roof looking clean and new!

Tips for Utilizing Roof Cleaner Solution

  • Be Proactive: To use a roof cleaner solution most effectively, it’s best not to wait until your roof is totally overgrown with moss or lichen. Some roofing professionals suggest cleaning your roof every fall and spring to make sure this does not occur. Starting out with a cleaner roof means that your cleaning solution can be more dilute than it would be if you had a greater buildup of debris. This will prove to be less harmful to any plants you may have close to your house!
  • Protect Your Vegetation: Speaking of plants, some of them may suffer from coming into contact with roof cleaner solution runoff, even if it’s been diluted. You can cover the plants around the perimeter of your house with a plastic tarp to prevent this from occurring. A little extra effort can go a long way in keeping your vegetation happy and healthy!
  • Prepare Your Roof for Cleaning: Before you actually start using your roof cleaner solution, you want to make sure you have inspected and prepared your roof. Look for cracked, damaged, or loose shingles, and fix them prior to cleaning your roof so they do not cause leaks. It is also a good idea to clean out your gutters so that the roof cleaner solution can easily drain them.
  • Decide Which Cleaning Method to Use: Depending on your roof’s material, the best method to apply your roof cleaner solution will vary. A pressure washer can be used for stronger materials as long as it is set to the lowest pressure possible, so it does not damage the shingles. For more delicate roofs, it may be safer to use a sprayer attached to a garden hose to gently apply the roof cleaner solution. Whichever method you choose, apply the solution slowly and steadily to ensure the entire roof has been covered, then wash it off with water.

Looking for a Roof Cleaner Solution?

Now that you know some tips for using your roof cleaner solution, where can you purchase one? Look no further than Tidal Washers! We offer both concentrated and super-concentrated roof cleaning solutions that can be used on fiberglass and asphalt shingles. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact us today!

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