Best Roof Cleaning Solutions

Best Roof Cleaning Solutions

Finding the best roof cleaning solution for your house doesn’t have to be a hard process. There are several types of roof cleaners on the market that will leave your roof looking as good as new! Some products and cleaning methods are eco-friendly, while others are harsher and can be damaging to surrounding elements such as plants or other building fixtures such as windows.

Are you unsure of which cleaning solutions best fit your roof cleaning needs? No worries, we’ll be discussing the various products and methods in this blog!

Types of Roof Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your roof is essential to the upkeep of your home or building. In the long run, it’ll keep you frustration-free and your roof intact. But when it comes to choosing the proper detergent for cleaning your roof, there are a few things you should consider when deciding between a bleach-based and chemical-based solution. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of each:

Bleach-Based Solution

  • Can be thorough but harsh due to the chemicals involved
  • Has the ability to be diluted for an in-depth clean
  • Can get rid of dirt and debris without having to do multiple sessions

Chemical-Based Solution

  • Manufacturers offer a variety of solutions to better suit cleaning needs
  • Can contain ammonia, copper sulfate, and trisodium phosphate
  • Can be a mixture of chemicals that are less harsh but still powerful

Keep in mind that there are a few factors that may determine which solution is best for your roof, such as:

  • Knowing what kind of material your roof is made out of
  • The part of the roof you’re trying to clean
  • How much surface area you are trying to clean

Having a clean roof can reduce several inconvenient issues. When shingles pile up with debris, mold, algae, or moss, they can cause decay and even leaks or caving of ceilings. Of course, things happen, but making a commitment to keep your roof clean will prevent a lot of inconveniences.

Ready to Start Cleaning?

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