What Is Downstream in Pressure Washing? 

What Is Downstream in Pressure Washing? 

Wondering About Downstream Pressure Washing? 

Have you ever heard the word “downstream” used in relation to this cleaning method? Even though you may be somewhat familiar with this unique cleansing method, you may not be familiar with this term. When combined with this type of cleaning machine, several effective results can occur. What makes this unique combination and how it works, will be further detailed down below! 

What Is Downstream in Pressure Washing? 

To put it simply, the term in question refers to the injector attached to the pressurized machine. This injector can be either downstream or upstream. These injectors introduce chemicals into the machine’s water after the pump, whereas its opposition introduces chemicals before the pump. Introducing the chemicals before can be potentially dangerous if done incorrectly.  

Why Use a Downstream Injector? 

Since we have answered our first question, you may be curious about the advantages of this cleaning method. Why choose this injector over an upstream injector? 

One important distinction between the two is that our injector in question tends to place less stress on the machinery’s pump. While its opposition pulls detergent through the washer’s system with a vacuum, causing more wear and tear on the pump. Plus, since chemicals (which can be dangerous) are injected before the pump with an upstream, they can erode the pump over time. This makes the upstream’s opposite much more lasting and safer to use. It also allows its users to save money over time! 

Where to Purchase Pressure Washing Chemicals  

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