How To Clean Architectural Shingles?

How To Clean Architectural Shingles?

You may not realize it, but roofs need to be cleaned at least once a year. When asphalt-based roofing materials such as architectural shingles are not cared for, algae and moss can form on your roof, causing unsightly and sometimes structural issues to your home.

The process of cleaning your roof is a relatively simple task, but it is a necessary one. Read on to learn more about what cleaning solutions you should use for your roof’s routine wash.

Cleaning Your Architectural Shingles

Laundry-strength bleach is a DIY approach and does a great job of removing black streaks of algae or patches of moss from your roof. Here are the basic steps you should follow if you plan on using bleach as your primary cleaning solution:

  1. Mix the bleach with water at a 50:50 ratio.
  2. Apply the mixture to your shingles. Let soak for 15-20 minutes.
  3. After 15-20 minutes, thoroughly wash off all bleach until none remains. 

Professional cleaners, on the other hand, will usually use a more effective mixture such as Tidal Roof Foam, which strengthens the bleach and adheres more closely to shingles. After the application sits, the cleaners will use water to remove the mixture and the debris.

How often you need to clean your shingles depends on the location of your home and the climate. Your roof may require more frequent maintenance rather than the recommended once-a-year maintenance if you live in a more humid climate or are situated around lots of trees. In these cases, algae and moss may grow more quickly.

Preserving Your Roof

If you’d like to extend the life of your architectural shingles, we recommend using soy methyl ester (a.k.a. Methyl Soyate). When applied to a clean surface, it acts as a lotion to increase flexibility and decrease brittleness in asphalt-based roofing.

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