Best Brick Restoration & Masonry Cleaning Products

Best Brick Restoration & Masonry Cleaning Products

Whether you’re looking to clean one brick wall or a dozen, choosing high-quality brick restoration products is key to removing mold, mildew, efflorescence, and other debris clinging to your masonry. A pressure washer is the best tool to use when revitalizing brick and other surfaces but isn’t nearly as effective without a professional masonry cleaning detergent. Choosing the best heavy-duty solution for your pressure washer makes all the difference in making old brick look new again.

When selecting the right solution to revitalize brick, consider your goals. Do you want a solution that…

  • removes mold, mildew, and algae?
  • removes graffiti?
  • removes efflorescence and other debris?
  • cleans and brightens?
  • won’t harm glass & anodized window frames?
  • won’t streak or burn the masonry surface?

If one of these objectives—or all of them—is your endgame, then TidalWashers’s detergents are a fit for your restoration needs. With eco-friendly, industrial-grade products, TidalWashers’s professional solutions completely revitalize your masonry and play a key role in any brick restoration goals you may have.

Benefits of choosing TidalWashers’s solutions:

  • Eco-friendly
    • Our company strives to give our customers the best cleaning solutions while also following sustainable practices. Choosing safer and fewer chemicals to use in our solutions is only one of the ways we aim to put the environment first.
  • Multi-surface friendly
    • Our assortment of masonry cleaning solutions includes multi-purpose detergents that work on a variety of surfaces. If you have a more specific cleaning goal or any other questions, contact one of our expert team members to find the best product for you.
  • Bulk Availability
    • Our super-concentrated products create shipping rates that are efficient and efficacious. Our industrial-grade solutions are available in bulk and are a perfect choice for professional and commercial cleaners.

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