How to Remove Rust From Metal

How to Remove Rust From Metal

What Can I Do to Remove Rust from Metal?

Whether it’s on a tool, automobile, or building, rust developing on metal surfaces can be a nuisance. However, several techniques can be used to remove rust from metal. One common method is the application of an acidic solution. This is because the acid will dissolve rust.

Why Does Rust Removal Work?

So, how exactly does acid remove rust from metal? Essentially, the formation of rust indicates that iron or an iron-containing metal has been oxidized through exposure to oxygen and water. The acid then interacts with this oxidized metal to create a salt. This means that both the rust and the metal are dissolved by the acid. But if the acid is at a particular dilution, it will only dissolve the rust, leaving the metal intact. Generally, the acid in an acidic rust remover is diluted to around 30%. Some commonly used acids in rust removers are hydrochloric acid (also called muriatic acid), hydrofluoric acid, oxalic acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, and sulfuric acid.

Pros of Using Acid for Rust Removal

  • Fast-Acting

One advantage of acid-based rust removers is that they tend to work quickly. Some acidic rust removers can even remove rust from metal in mere minutes.

  • Minimal Scrubbing Required

Another benefit of using acidic rust removers to remove rust from metal is that they often do not require much scrubbing or agitation to work- they’re strong enough that they can readily dissolve rust on their own. This makes the process of removing rust from metal easy and effortless!

Cons of Using Acid for Rust Removal

  • Can be Hazardous to Work With

The primary downside of working with acidic solutions to remove rust from metal is that they can pose dangers to human health: many acids have the ability to damage skin and lung tissue. However, by taking the proper precautions, you will greatly lessen the likelihood of these injuries occurring. Always work in an adequately ventilated area and wear safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing. Additionally, make sure you dispose of any leftover solution properly.

Where to Buy Products to Remove Rust from Metal

Where should you go to purchase a rust remover that includes one or more of the acids listed above? Tidal Washers has the answer! We offer two rust removal solutions: one of which contains oxalic acid, the other of which contains sulfuric and hydrofluoric acids. These products are high-quality, concentrated, efficient, and formulated for industrial use. Contact us today to learn more!

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