How Does Commercial Power Washing Work?

How Does Commercial Power Washing Work?

How Does Commercial Power Washing Work? 

Power washing is a popular and strong cleansing method that involves many elements. The most defining of these elements is hot highly pressurized water. When used commercially, whether externally or internally, it often leaves surfaces shining like new! However, this application and method only work with some of the following necessary tools: 

  • Hot Water Units 
  • Power Washers 
  • Pressurized Water Hoses 
  • Nozzles 
  • Various Detergents 
  • Vehicles 

Hot Water Units 

Hot water units are greatly important to this cleaning technique since this temperature is what defines the method. This kind of water makes cleansing rough and grounded surfaces, such as concrete, possible.  

Power Washers 

These washers are also of great importance to this method. They are the machinery designed to handle this powerful cleaning technique. They are what make it possible. 

Pressurized Water Hoses 

These hoses must be designed to handle this particular method (so, you must get one that can handle high levels of pressure). It also must be made to hold various chemicals, since they- as well as the water- are being sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned. 


Nozzles can be attached to the hoses, a turbo nozzle is recommended for rougher surfaces. 

Various Detergents 

To clean a surface with this method, water should be mixed with various chemicals. Many detergents are required to be guaranteed the most effective results. How many of these detergents you will need, depends on what you wish to cleanse. We offer plenty in convenient sizes and certain ones that specialize in specific surfaces, 


Lastly, vehicles (preferably trucks) are essential in making this method work to the greatest of its abilities. Vehicles can not only have this technique applied to them but also are essential in holding the other necessary tools. 

A Word Of Advice 

It is of great importance that we advise you when working with this type of method, or any other, that you take the necessary safety precautions. Although chemicals are greatly effective, they can also be a great danger if not handled properly. 

Would You Like To Learn More? 

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