What is a Concrete Form Release Agent?

What is a Concrete Form Release Agent?

Form release agents are advantageous components to include in the concrete laying process. They’ll not only increase the longevity of the concrete but will help the process go quicker and the surface looks smoother. In this article, we’ll discuss what a concrete form release agent is and where it’s available for your company to buy in bulk.

What Is a Release Agent?

There are two different types of these agents:


A barrier release agent is a chemical component that provides a barrier between two surfaces. In this case, between concrete and the surface within or surrounding it that could consist of wood, metal, and other materials.


A reactive agent is a chemical compound that reacts when it comes into contact with certain substances in the concrete, creating a foam that doesn’t allow the concrete to attach to the outside surface.

Think of these types of agents as the non-stick pan you’d use to make eggs or even the oil that you put in the pan to minimize egg residue. Cooking oils, waxes, and other everyday materials are actually great examples of release agents. Just like their job is to prevent two materials from sticking together, concrete release agents’ job is to prevent cement and other materials found in this mixture from sticking to outside materials.

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