Are There Different Types Of Commercial Truck Wash Chemicals?

Are There Different Types Of Commercial Truck Wash Chemicals?

Are there different types of commercial truck wash chemicals?


There’s a variety of professional truck cleaning solutions on the market. Some target specific areas of the commercial truck like the undercarriage, the aluminum, painted surfaces, and more, while others offer a multi-purpose cleanse.

How to Choose The Best Commercial Truck Wash Chemicals

Having several options available to you when it comes to choosing a cleaner is great, but it can also seem overwhelming. When selecting the best cleaning solution for your commercial vehicle, there are some things that you should take into consideration. Ask yourself the following questions in order to get a better idea of what you expect your cleaning detergent to do.

What Part of My Truck Do I Need Cleaned?

If you’re looking for an overall cleanse that will get rid of the grime and dirt film covering every inch of your truck, then a multipurpose solution is best for you. However, if you’d only like to target aluminum to make it cleaner and brighter, then you’ll need an aluminum cleaner. There are more specialized cleaners for commercial trucks than you may have originally believed. Visit TidalWashers Shop to see a catalog of the different options available to you.

Do I Want an Eco-Friendly Wash?

Choosing a cleaning solution for your vehicle with fewer chemicals and ones that are less harmful to the environment and the handler has many benefits. You’re not only able to achieve a great clean while helping the environment, but you also have less clean-up and less risk involved.

Do I Need to Wash an Entire Fleet?

If you’re looking to clean a fleet rather than a truck or two, then you’ll need to invest in bulk sizing options. Buying in bulk is a great cost-effective way to clean in large quantities.

Am I a Professional Cleaner?

If you specialize in commercial cleaning, then purchasing an industrial-grade cleaning solution is the best option for you.

Need to Buy an Industrial Cleaning Solution?

Tidal Washers sells high-quality industrial cleaning solutions in bulk availability. Visit our website to learn more about our high-quality products and to find the best size for your washing needs. Can’t decide which product is best for you? Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free consultation session!

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