Should You Wash The Undercarriage On Your Truck?

Should You Wash The Undercarriage On Your Truck?

Taking your vehicle through a car wash may help your ride look like you’ve just driven it straight off the lot, but what if I told you, the outside of your car still isn’t clean? How is that possible, you ask? The mirrors are free of bug guts and even the rims are sparkling—what else could be wrong? Three words: Wash Truck Undercarriage.

The bottom part of your car is not visible, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t dirty. The undercarriage on your truck or other vehicle is the most neglected external part of your car when it comes to cleaning, but it’s also the most important.

Should You Wash Truck Undercarriage?

Yes, absolutely! Regularly washing the bottom of your vehicle has an abundance of benefits. Even though you can’t show off your undercarriage wash without stooping down low to take a look, it’s essential to keep it clean nonetheless.

Reasons to Wash Truck Undercarriage

Maintaining a clean undercarriage will not only help the external appearance but mainly serves to help the external AND internal mechanisms of your truck or other vehicles to function properly. Here are a few reasons why you should grab a pressure washer and start blasting away:

Get Rid of Salt

Truck or car owners who live in states that receive winter weather conditions are no strangers to salt on the roads. But did you know how damaging salt can be when it sticks to your car? When salt comes in contact with oxygen and metal, a chemical reaction occurs that causes rust and corrosion.

For those that live in warmer conditions and are near the sea—don’t think you’re in the clear yet. Saltwater carried on winds from the ocean can be just as harmful to your vehicle as salt chunks on an icy road.

Prevent Rust

Rocks and other materials can hit the undercarriage of your truck and expose the vulnerable metal to the elements. The exposed parts fall victim to negative chemical reactions, potentially causing formations (such as rust) that’ll eat away at important parts of your vehicle.

Prevent Buildup

Dirt and grime building up underneath your truck can clog drainage holes located at the bottom of your car. Without the drainage holes, water won’t be able to drain quickly or at all, causing backup and water damage to the internal parts of your car.

Best Way to Clean Underneath Your Vehicle

A clean undercarriage is only a pressure wash and an industrial cleaning solution away. Visit our shop and choose from a variety of Tidal Washers cleaning solutions for truck and car maintenance to blast away dirt, grime, and other gunk to prevent rust and other buildups from forming.

Questions on how to wash truck undercarriage?

Contact us today to speak with one of our expert team members and find out why Tidal Washers Solutions are the best choice for you.

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