How to Remove Stubborn Grease and Oil With Concrete Pressure Washing Degreasers  

How to Remove Stubborn Grease and Oil With Concrete Pressure Washing Degreasers  

With concrete being one of the most common flooring and construction materials used today, it is important to know how to keep it clean. While pressure washing with water is a tried-and-true method of cleaning countless surfaces when it comes to concrete you might find that water alone is not enough.  

Concrete cleaners, in particular concrete degreasers, are designed to handle the extra stubborn dirt and grime that water alone cannot.   

So, a question that we have yet to answer comes our way. What can these chemical compositions do that water alone cannot?  

What are Degreasers?  

A brief look at the chemistry of these substances will help us to understand how they work. Oils have symmetric molecular structures, so all the bonding forces that keep the atoms together balance each other out. In other words, oil is nonpolar. Water, however, does not have this symmetry, leading to an imbalance in those forces. This imbalance makes water a polar compound.   

With few exceptions, nonpolar molecules can only be dissolved by other nonpolar molecules. While polar molecules can only be dissolved by polar molecules. This is why oil and water do not mix. It also is why you need dish soap to get rid of oily surfaces on dirty pots and pans.  

Degreasers, much like dish soap, have the special property of being bipolar – nonpolar on one side and polar on the other. This bipolarity allows them to mix with water to create a cleaning solution while still being able to dissolve nonpolar compounds like oil and grease.  

When it comes to strong pressurized cleansing, mixing water with this bipolar product creates a solution that can tackle a far wider range of compounds than water alone.  

Degreasers vs Other Concrete Cleaners  

Most concrete cleaners fall into one of four categories:  

  • pH Neutral Cleaners  
  • Acidic Cleaners  
  • Alkaline Cleaners (Degreasers)  
  • Enzymatic/Bacterial Cleaners  

Of these 4 types, degreasers and bacterial cleaners are the most versatile. Both can handle oily residues and grease stains, though bacterial cleaners are more expensive and not as swift.   

This is why when handling stubborn grease and oil on concrete, degreasers with pressurized cleansing are the best way to go.  

Looking to Purchase Degreasers?  

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