The Importance of Using Soap in Roof Pressure Washing and How to Choose the Right Type  

The Importance of Using Soap in Roof Pressure Washing and How to Choose the Right Type  

Homeownership is one of the biggest investments you can make, and preserving that investment is an important part of planning for the future. Roof care is a particularly tricky part of maintaining your home since it is vulnerable to several damaging elements as well as leaks.  

Pressure washing your roof can go a long way towards keeping it in good condition and prolonging its life. However, this is only so if it is done properly. Poor or incorrect cleansing can accelerate roof degradation and end up doing more harm than good.  

Proper Roof Washing Practice  

A good rule of thumb when doing anything on your roof is “the quicker the better.” Roofs are dangerous, so spending as little time as possible on one helps to minimize the hazard. Not only is it easy to misstep and fall, but if your roof is worn, the risk is even higher. From this, it is best to clean your roof with pressurized water as regularly and properly as you can.   

Furthermore, roof shingles probably are not as durable as you might believe. A common mistake people make when cleaning their roofs is using high pressure to get the job done quickly. While it is certainly a good idea in theory, in practice the high pressure will damage your shingles, leading to leaks and in extreme cases even holes. Instead, it is best to use low pressure and aim down the slope of the roof.  

However, you might be thinking these two guidelines are contradictory; low pressure means more time spent washing, as well as a less thorough wash. This is where soap comes in.  

Roof Pressure Washing With Soap  

Soap is often overlooked in pressurized washing due to how effective water is on its own. While it is true that water alone can do a good enough job for most people in a wide variety of uses, the roof is one place where it doesn’t cut it.  

Using soap for washing your roof has a multitude of benefits. To start, soap will aid in removing unwanted elements quickly. This allows you to get the job done in less time and lowers the risk of injury. In addition, the added dissolving power of the soap will make up for the lower pressure needed for washing the roof. Lastly, the soap will also deal with mold much more effectively, keeping your building healthier and cleaner.  

Choosing a Soap for Your Pressure Washing Needs  

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