Revitalize Your Deck with Pressure Washing and Brighteners: Tips and Techniques  

Revitalize Your Deck with Pressure Washing and Brighteners: Tips and Techniques  

If you have a deck, chances are it does not look the way it had when it was new. Various damaging elements and the natural aging of the wood are just two of the things that contribute to the tarnishing and discoloring of wooden decks. This is where pressurized cleaning comes in.  

This cleaning method works wonders toward clearing away the dirt and grime that accumulates on decks over time. Due to wood’s highly porous surface, it holds onto dirt better than most other materials. And the easiest way to get that dirt out is with the pressure provided by a pressure washer.  

While this washing technique can fight back against the dirt and grime if you really want to restore your deck you might want to use a brightener as well. Brighteners are solutions designed to beautify the surface of the wood, as well as to handle the extra stubborn stains that pressure washing cannot  

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your pressurized cleaning project.  

Tips to Pressure Wash a Deck  

Choosing the right pressure is important to make sure you do not end up damaging your deck. Most pressure washers come with 5 nozzles to attach to the end of the wand, each with its own spray angles:  

  • Red: 0o (Highest pressure)  
  • Yellow: 15o  
  • Green: 25o  
  • White: 40o  
  • Black: Lowest pressure, used when applying a soap/cleaning solution to minimize pressure  

In addition to the nozzle you are using, how far away you hold the wand and your motor’s power setting will also determine the pressure.   

When experimenting with the various parts to make it what you need to find what you need, do not use it on the deck.  

When using cleaners to help the washing process, apply the cleaner using the black nozzle with broad, sweeping strokes. The goal is not to maximize pressure but to maximize surface coverage. Let the cleaner sit for around 10 or 20 minutes before moving on to cleaning.  

Using Brighteners  

Wood brighteners are the next step after cleaning to revitalize wooden decks. They are recommended when you are not happy with the results of your wash.  

Brighteners should be applied quickly after the wash, as the wood still needs to be wet. Fully coat the wood with the brightener solution using a sprayer or brush and allow the solution to sit for around five minutes. Then rinse the wood off with a garden hose. Then your deck will be as good as new.  

Considering Deck Power Washing with a Brightener?  

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