Maximizing Results With Industrial Equipment Pressure Washing and Solvents  

Maximizing Results With Industrial Equipment Pressure Washing and Solvents  

Pressure washing is one of the most time-saving and efficient cleaning processes out there. What would otherwise be a several-day job full of hard, unpleasant work gets cut down to a couple of hours of simple spraying.  

Even better, this cleaning method can be further optimized past generic equipment and water to shorten the job even further. With industrial equipment and cleaning solvents, you can take your pressurized washing to a whole new level.  

Pressure Washing Equipment  

When it comes to professional pressurized cleaning equipment, it is commonly broken up into three categories:  

  • Electric  
  • Gas  
  • Mounted  

Electric pressure washers have the lowest pressure of the three but are more versatile and varied. They can operate at the widest range of temperatures and can safely be used indoors.  

Gas pressure washers are the next step up, offering greater cleaning power for more heavy-duty use jobs. They also tend to run the cheapest of the three, making them great for starting out. Lastly, they are built to last.  

Mounted pressure washers are the largest, as well as the strongest. Large, demanding jobs or projects will benefit from a mounted pressure washer. However, they are not quite as convenient to transport around and come at hefty prices.   

Industrial Equipment Pressure Washing With Solvent  

Pressurized cleaning without a solvent is like doing dishes without dish soap. Even with the best pressure washer on the market, you will not be able to maximize your return on investment without a good solvent to go with it.   

Solvents are designed to help power washers in all sorts of ways. For one thing, they allow for the same results with lower pressures, which reduces the risk of damaging surfaces. They also help handle stains that water cannot get out alone and can even be effective for paint removal.  

Which solvent you go with will vary. For getting oil and grease stains out of concrete, an alkaline degreaser is a way to go. If you want to sanitize as well as clean, a bleach solvent will be your best bet. There are also solvents like pH-neutral cleaners that do not excel at anything but instead improve the overall effectiveness of your washing in general.  

Where to Buy Solvents  

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