Removing Graffiti with Pressure Washing and Chemical Strippers: Do’s and Don’ts  

Removing Graffiti with Pressure Washing and Chemical Strippers: Do’s and Don’ts  

Pressure washers have no shortage of applications. With their incredible cleaning power, they save both time and money for a wide variety of jobs. Graffiti removal is one of these jobs where a pressure washer can be a huge help. However, using this method for graffiti is trickier than you might think.  

Here are some tips on achieving this with chemical strippers, as well as some things to avoid.  

Making the Most of Your Chemical Stripper  

Before you start spraying down the graffiti with your pressure washer, it is a good idea to apply a chemical stripper to dissolve the paint beforehand. This will save time once the pressure washing starts, as the stripper will make it considerably easier to clean the paint off.  

Make sure you are patient with the stripping agent; if it is not given enough time then the whole application will be stunted. Most need about five to ten minutes to take full effect, but this will vary from product to product.  

You might also consider scrubbing your stripping agent into the graffiti as opposed to just spraying or brushing it on. This will help make sure the chemical gets fully applied and immersed in the graffiti. This is especially helpful with older graffiti that will be more stubborn to remove.  

High Temperature, High Pressure  

While cold water can certainly work if that’s your only option, hot water is the recommended choice by far. The higher temperature of the water goes a long way in getting the paint off the surface and helps shorten the job time by quite a bit.  

In addition to the high temperature, most pros recommend using high-pressure nozzles and high-power settings on the pressure washer. If your surface can handle it, high pressures will greatly improve how easily the paint comes off. This is particularly important in highly porous surfaces like concrete.  

Unfortunately, this can sometimes do more harm than good with graffiti removal. Some materials can be easily damaged by high pressure, such as:  

  • Wood  
  • Stucco  
  • Bricks  
  • Siding  

If you want to remove graffiti from these materials efficiently, lower pressure and longer washing time should be enough to get the job done without causing any further headaches. 

Looking to Buy Graffiti Remover?  

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