What Are Condenser Coil Cleaners?

What Are Condenser Coil Cleaners?

There are numerous variants of condenser coil cleaners available in the market today, and it is important to pick the best solution depending on your cleaning needs. Keep reading to learn more about condenser coils and cleaners.

What is Condenser Coils?

Copper coils, called condenser coils, are found on the outside of air conditioning units. Their job is to store the refrigerant in its liquid state so the air conditioner can adequately remove heat. These coils transport the liquid refrigerant so it can release heat and then cycle back through the AC to do so again, keeping indoors cool and comfortable.

Why Clean Your Condenser Coils?

It’s important to keep your condenser coils clean to keep your AC unit functioning at its best. If the condenser coils are not cleaned, debris can inhibit heat from being exchanged. This makes your AC system work harder and longer, which leads to higher bills. This can also cause your air conditioning system to stop working or have other problems to arise.

Condenser coils are often the most impacted by a lack of maintenance because of their position on the air conditioning unit. As a result, they should be professionally cleaned annually and checked up every month or two. If you live in areas that have lots of air pollution you may want to consider having them professionally cleaned twice a year to ensure the AC has a long life and only needs minimal repairs.

What are Condenser Coil Cleaners?

Condenser coil cleaners are chemical cleaners specially formulated for condenser coils. When using a condenser coil cleaner, you should figure out what type of coils you have, as certain condenser coil cleaners are made with those types of coils in mind.

There are also different types of condenser coil cleaners: those sold in aerosol cans and those that come in bulk jugs.

Looking at Getting Condenser Coil Cleaners?

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