Affordable Deck Cleaning Options

Affordable Deck Cleaning Options

Some of the most memorable summer memories take place on the backyard deck. 4th of July barbecues, the gardening club with pink lemonade resting periods, and youth group karaoke jams. When it comes to such a popular spot, it’s easy to see why taking care of the deck is a priority. Regular deck cleaning is something any homeowner can do to ensure a healthy deck life. All in all, depending on the choices you make, deck cleaning can either be extremely costly or full of very affordable options.  

Cost of Deck Cleaning 

When having a deck cleaned, it’s good to consider what type of deck you actually have before pursuing any sort of services or cleaning equipment. Decks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and vary from: 

  • Curved 
  • porch 
  • multilevel 
  • pool 
  • vinyl 
  • roof deck  

Unique patterns, widths, curvatures, and building materials can have an effect on the total price of having professional deck cleaning. This can also affect how many washing products you may need to purchase to either pressure wash or power wash your exterior footing. A more accurate estimate when determining the affordability of deck cleaning is to measure out costs by square feet in each area.  

Deck Cleaning Per Square Foot 

Washing a deck can easily begin on a lower cost level and quickly skyrocket to very high prices. Nationally, most totals for pressure washing decks land in between the $100 to $200 region. The lows break the bank at nearly $90 while the highs can shoot well past $700!  

For a more thorough breakdown, estimates per square foot tend to average $0.30 to $0.40. So, for a 1,000-square-foot deck, you can expect to spend around $300 to $400 alone to have it nicely polished.  

Cheaper Cleaning Options  

Because of inclement weather and constant forces of nature battling against your deck, paying to have it professionally cleaned can slowly begin to eat away at your money. Fortunately, there are more cost-effective ways to clean them!  

  • Homemade Deck Cleaner  

With DIY and YouTube tutorials at an all-time high, many people prefer to create their own washing concoctions. While this may not be the most efficient way to clean a deck, the majority of the items needed to brew a detergent are everyday low-cost, household items. Mixing substances such as bleach, water, vinegar, or ammonia-free dish soap can certainly perform a decent job.  

  • Store-Bought Deck Cleaner  

Another option involving low deck cleaning prices to consider entails regular store-bought and online products. Hardware stores often carry liquid-based outdoor cleaners for as little as $10. A wide host of options can be available in these locations such as concentrated deck mold killers or backyard odor removals. These products can be picked up at a store and ready for use with no hassle.  

An even more convenient and affordable option is to purchase deck cleaning equipment online in bulk from trusted suppliers. Here at Tidal Washers, we offer a wide variety of cleaners ranging from deck strippers to wood brighteners. Take a look at our specially designed selection of products through our catalog.  

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