Are There Defoamers For Pressure Washers?

Are There Defoamers For Pressure Washers?

What are Defoamers?

Foam is often expected when working with any variety of cleaning products, but sometimes that foam can harm more than it helps. Foam can impact overflow in tanks, cause product separation, create scum, and affect permeation and wetting processes. Due to this, it is relatively common to seek out a way to prevent foam. The two methods of foam removal are mechanical removal and chemical removal, also known as defoamers, but the latter is easier to use in combination with the pressure washer.

What is Used For Chemical Foam Removal?

Chemical products used to remove foam are called defoamers and there are three types that can be used: foam-breaking, foam-suppression, and deaerating. All three have a range of what types of foam they will work best against, and what respective cleaning liquids would be best to use with them. Knowing what each agent does is the first step to finding the right chemical for you.

  • Foam-breaking is an agent added to the foamed liquid that quickly breaks down and eliminates any developed foam.
  • Foam-suppression is an agent that is added to the cleaning liquid beforehand and works to prevent foam from developing in the first place.
  • Deaerating is the process in which the foam lumps together in bigger masses, making it rise to the surface faster and thus easier to manage.

In general, the chemical composition of defoamers prevents them from being dissolved by a foaming medium. Aside from low viscosity, defoamers have surface-active properties that allow them to permeate rapidly on foamy surfaces and weaken the bond between air bubbles and liquid layers.

Looking for Defoamers or other Chemicals?

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