Are there Eco-Friendly Power Washing Detergents?

Are there Eco-Friendly Power Washing Detergents?

With power washing becoming an increasingly common method of cleaning, naturally people are going to wonder if it is sustainable or healthy to use it. Many people will look at the chemicals that are commonly used for cleaning and would rightfully presume that an overabundance of them would only be damaging to their local environment. What many may not know, is that many companies work towards making greener chemicals and eco-friendly detergents which are steadily becoming more available.

What Makes Eco-Friendly Detergents Different From Other Cleaners?

The makeup of each individual detergent will vary depending on what surface will need to be cleaned. Many rely on a specific mixture of soap with chemicals but two of the most common products in the cleaners are vinegar and citrus oil.

Vinegar is useful in particular when dealing with mold, mildew, and an assortment of smaller stains. It won’t harm any plants which make it great to use for cleaning up around a garden, but vinegar often isn’t strong enough to handle larger stains.

Citrus oil is stronger than vinegar, useful for removing dirt, grease, and a variety of other stains. It also will give off a much more natural citrus scent in comparison to the normal smell chemicals produce. Citrus oils often can double as an insect repellent, reducing the number of pests after being used.

If neither of those is what you’re looking for, a broad selection of powder and liquid detergents can be found in home improvement stores, gardening stores, or online stores.

Looking for Chemicals?

If you’re looking for eco-friendly detergents and chemicals, or can’t find the formula that is quite right for you, please contact us and browse our available products at Tidal Washers!

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