When Do I Need Pressure Washing?

When Do I Need Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing has become a rather popular method of cleaning as time has gone on, and for good reason, as it seems to be the best solution to almost all exterior cleaning problems. What does it work best against though? Sure, it’s better compared to any old sponge and soap method in a lot of ways, but are there any specifics that it handles the best?

There are quite a few specifics in fact.

When Can I Use Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is the best fit for handling very thick layers of dirt on large exterior surfaces, things like patios, driveways, sidewalks, vinyl siding, and fences. Always wash with care as using too strong of pressure can cause damage to wood or vinyl if not done properly. Always be aware of the pressure your washer has, as it can save you some grief from unknowingly damaging the very things you are trying to clean. Take caution of other people, animals, and plants when you wash as the amount of pressure can damage them.

It’s a good idea prior to working with your washer to also get eye protection gear as a safety measure. Ear protection is also recommended before you start washing.

When using a washer several options open up to use as many companies produce additives and cleaners that can be added to the water and provide more specialized cleaning. This ranges from mold and mildew killers to foaming agents, citrus oils, to basic soaps for general cleansing.

Looking for Cleaners and Chemicals?

If you’re looking for cleaners and chemicals to use for pressure washing, or can’t find the formula that is quite right for you, please get in contact with us and browse our available products at Tidal Washers!

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