Can A Pressure Washer Cause Damage?

Can A Pressure Washer Cause Damage?

Pressure washing is a fantastic innovation for cleaning. A pressure washer is an incredibly fast, efficient, and powerful cleaner that can be used on a variety of exterior surfaces. What some people may miss however is that such a powerful tool can cause damage even if you are trying to use it properly.

Damage by pressure washer?

Can pressure washing really cause damage? In short, yes. Each pressure washer contains an incredibly high psi of water force which can not only do damage to the surface you are trying to clean but also possible water damage. It comes down to a couple of aspects, namely the pressure level and the distance between the washer and the surface being cleaned.

Say you are trying to clean your house with a washer, but if you go in without taking precautions you can cause a whole variety of damages. Anything from stripped paint, damaged vinyl, damaged brickwork, possible water damage on windows, and chipped or cracks in the wood.

Even the two most common surfaces you see washers used on, concrete and pavement, can take damage if not washed properly. One would expect such strong materials to be unaffected, but damages can be found in small pits or lines forming, following how the washer covered the surface.

What can you do to lessen or avoid pressure washer damage?

The amount of pressure is what gives the hose its reputation but too much pressure can just end up doing more harm than good. Making sure you have a washer that has pressure your surface material can withstand is incredibly important. Being too close to your surface is where water damage can happen, as it creates a great deal of splashback and the pressure being expressed is more condensed to a confined area.

Understanding the damage that can be done when not properly used can save you the trouble of having to make repairs or having to deal with possibly getting injured.

Looking for Cleaners and Chemicals?

If you’re looking for cleaners and chemicals to use for pressure washing, or can’t find the formula that is quite right for you, please feel free to contact us or browse our shop and check our available products at Tidal Washers!

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