Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Graffiti Remover

Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Graffiti Remover

Traditional Graffiti Removers 

When a tough graffiti removal job rears it’s head traditional graffiti removers are some of the first products to be recommended. Dish soap and other cleaners sometimes just won’t get spray paint off, especially if it’s had time to sit and dry. However, although traditional graffiti removers are effective, they have environmental drawbacks. When used to remove graffiti, traditional spray paint removers can expose you and the environment to toxic chemicals compromising your health. Some common spray paint removers are VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which contribute to ozone depletion. Other traditional cleaning agents generate hazardous waste when used. However, it is sometimes necessary to use these products to remove graffiti. Luckily, recent developments have led to more eco-friendly graffiti remover options becoming available. These eco-friendly graffiti removers can replace other graffiti/paint removing solvents like methylene chloride, toluene, and even benzene with similar effectiveness. 

Eco-Friendly Graffiti Remover 

Eco-friendly graffiti removers are becoming more popular and there is a variety to choose from. When looking for an eco-friendly graffiti remover make sure you check any warnings the product may have as well as how to use it. Some eco-friendly graffiti removers will still encourage you to wear protective gear or have instructions regarding proper disposal.  

Eco-friendly graffiti removers can be biodegradable and non-flammable, making them a better option for the environment, but it is always good to exercise caution regarding yourself and your surroundings when you use them. Keep an eye out for low VOC emissions and non-ozone-depleting graffiti removers when looking for an alternative to more damaging traditional graffiti removers/paint strippers as those will have fewer emissions. 

Other Graffiti Removal Options 

There are other eco-friendly ways to remove graffiti other than solvents or detergents. Try a degreaser that has a citric acid base. Citric acid is often found in limes, lemons, and oranges and will not harm the plant life around the area if it is used. You can even use it on painted areas without worrying if it will strip the paint away but always test a small section first to be sure.  

You can also use old-fashioned elbow grease to get graffiti off. Make sure you’re using the correct brush or cloth for the surface you’re cleaning. It may take some hard work and have varying results, but scrubbing is an eco-friendly way to remove spray paint. 

Looking for Eco-Friendly Graffiti Remover? 

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