Handy Composite Deck Cleaning Tips

Handy Composite Deck Cleaning Tips

What Is Composite Decking? 

A composite deck is not pure wood. Instead, composite decking consists of wood fibers that are coated in plastic.  

How Does Composite Decking Differ from Traditional Wood? 

When it comes to decking composite decking and traditional wood decking are quite different. Composite decking handles moisture better than traditional wood and as a result, it doesn’t decay or rot.

Composite decks also typically less maintenance than pure wood decks and don’t require as much upkeep to remain in good condition. However, traditional wood decking has a lovely natural grain look that most composite decks do not.  

You Need Deck Cleaner 

The cleaning needs of a composite deck are different from a wood deck. Cleaners that work well for natural wood decks run the risk of damaging the composite decking. Instead, you can either mix up a homemade cleaner, or you can purchase a specially-made composite decking cleaner.

Using a composite deck cleaner that’s been approved by your composite deck installers will help you keep the warranty going and ensure that you don’t damage your decking. A composite deck cleaner can also efficiently remove mold, pollen, and grease stains most of the time.  

Power washing Your Composite Deck

When power washing composite decking is careful with the PSI you use. Composite decking is softer than natural wood and can be damaged more easily. If the wood becomes damaged, you run the risk of mold growing in the interior plastic among other things.  

  • Always make sure to avoid using the highest pressure setting on your power washer when you’re cleaning your deck. It’s good to check your composite deck’s manufacturer guidelines for a maximum pressure allowance, though a common limit is at 1,500 PSI. 
  • Always power washes with the grain of the boards and keeps at least 6 inches away from the surface to prevent any damage.

Got A Composite Deck That Needs Cleaning? 

Ecolink has a variety of deck cleaners for both traditional wooden decks and composite decking. If you’d like to learn more about the available composite deck cleaners click here. If you’re in need of power washing assistance click here to learn more.  

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