Removing Graffiti From Wood

Removing Graffiti From Wood

Graffiti removal is already a process, but when you’re dealing with spray-painted wood it can feel especially frustrating since certain solvents and cleaners don’t work on that type of surface. Fortunately, there are ways to remove graffiti from wood.  

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If painting over the graffiti isn’t an option and you want to wait on spray paint remover, try hand scrubbing first. Take warm soapy water and a rag or bristled brush and see if any of the paint comes off. It’s a good idea to move the brush in a circular motion to try to loosen the paint.  

If the soap and water aren’t successful moves on to an adhesive remover, or goo and gunk remover. There is a variety available at home improvement stores. Make sure there are any directions regarding the use of wood follow them carefully.  

Spray Paint Remover 

The next step beyond an adhesive remover is to use a spray paint remover or graffiti remover. Spray paint remover can interact with any stain or paint on the wood so be aware that you may be repainting or re-staining the wood you use it on. A common spray paint remover is acetone. Acetone can remove day-old spray paint rather well. If you’re hesitant to use acetone, you can also find more eco-friendly spray paint removers that will produce similar results. Use a clean rag when you wipe with acetone and make sure that you are wiping with a fresh side of the cloth each time to prevent smearing.  

Another spray paint remover option is mineral spirits. If you pair it with a steel wire brush it can help remove graffiti. This method works well on fences.  

Need Spray Paint Remover to Tackle Graffiti? 

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