Best Industrial Cement Stain Remover

Best Industrial Cement Stain Remover

Whether you’re looking to scrub off fossilized leaf marks from your driveway, rust blotches on your sidewalk, or any other eyesores from your concrete surfaces, you’ll need to invest in the right products. If your concrete is structurally sound save for a few minor cracks, then power washing is a great heavy-duty tool to add to your concrete cleaning arsenal. When paired with an industrial cement stain remover, your stains will become a thing of the past.  

What to Consider Before Buying 

There are a few things you should consider when looking for the best cleaning detergent for your concrete. Ask yourself the following questions: 

1. What kind of stain am I trying to remove?    

Stains can come in a variety of forms. Common ones come from organic materials such as berries, leaves, and tree sap, while others are a result of substances such as tar, gum, rust, and more. If your cement is unfortunate to have all of the above, then consider investing in a multipurpose stain-removing solution. 

2. How much time do I want to spend cleaning? 

There are several DIY solutions on the internet, but none are as nearly effective as a solution a chemist has spent hours formulating specifically for the stains on your cement. These professional solutions will not only get the job done but get it done quicker.  

3. Do I need to buy in bulk? 

If you’re part of a professional cleaning company, then buying in bulk is the most cost-effective choice for your company. Commonly available in large gallon drums, you’ll have enough solution to last for several washes. 

4. Is there an eco-friendly solution? 

Clean efficient and green when you opt for an environmentally conscious detergent that contains fewer toxic chemicals and fewer chemicals altogether.  

Best Stain Remover Products: 

Here are a few of Tidal Washers’ top picks for detergents that are perfect for your needs: 

Pair any of the above solutions with a pressure or power washer and watch years of unsightly marks vanish in minutes! 

Ready to Buy Cement Stain Removers? 

Click on any of the links above or visit our shop page here to view all of our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Please direct any questions that you may have to one of our expert team members by calling (800)-563-1305 or sending an email to We’ll be in touch soon! 

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