Effectiveness of a sodium hypochlorite soft wash 

Effectiveness of a sodium hypochlorite soft wash 

Most people are familiar with pressure washing, but not many are aware of soft washing. Soft washing utilizes a low water pressure and specific chemicals, unlike pressure washing which mostly relies on high water pressure for the removal of dirt and grime.  

Why would I use soft washing over pressure washing?  

Even though pressure washing is an effective and quick method for cleaning sturdy surfaces like driveways, decks, and walls, it has its limitations. The high-water pressure utilized in pressure washing can sometimes result in damage to more delicate surfaces, and this is where soft washing comes in.  

Soft washing is ideal for surfaces that are more susceptible to damage from stronger water pressure, like windows, roof shingles, and screens. On top of that, soft washing relies on specific chemicals rather than water pressure.  

What kind of chemicals are used for soft washing?  

  • Water – Typically used to dilute bleach or cleaning solutions 
  • Bleach – Also known as sodium hypochlorite, this is an important ingredient because it actively ensures the elimination of mold, mildew, algae, or fungi that may be growing on exterior surfaces.  
  • Surfactant – These chemicals act by binding to impurities and lifting them off the surface they are stuck on, effectively loosening any dirt to ensure easy removal with water.  

How effective is a sodium hypochlorite soft wash?  

Sodium hypochlorite in a soft wash solution is a must, as it possesses the ideal disinfecting properties and serves to kill any living contaminants like fungi and mold. It can eliminate any root system and prevent further damage to the surface. Choosing a cleaning solution with the proper concentration of sodium hypochlorite is also very important to prevent potential chemical damage.  

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