Best commercial house wash chemicals

Best commercial house wash chemicals

If you are using a pressure washer to clean a house, chances are that you want the best chemicals that money can buy, but not everyone knows where to start when looking for the best commercial house wash chemicals.  

What types of chemicals are used to clean exterior house surfaces? 

  • Water – Typically used to dilute bleach or other concentrated cleaning solutions 
  • Bleach – Used as a disinfectant and for the elimination of living contaminants like mold, mildew, fungi, and algae. It effectively kills systems from the root and prevents more growth.  
  • Surfactants – These chemicals are highly popular for their ability to bind to dirt and grime while loosening and lifting it from the surface they are stuck to. This allows for very easy removal without the need for scrubbing or physical force.  
  • Degreasers – As indicated by their name, these chemicals are used to dissolve stubborn grease and oil from surfaces.  

What are some popular chemicals used for house washing? 

  • Sodium hypochlorite – Used as a disinfectant and stain remover 
  • Sodium hydroxide – Used as a degreaser and cleaner 
  • Bleach – A combination of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide, this solution is used as a disinfectant and in the elimination of mold and fungi.  
  • Citric acid – This biodegradable, eco-friendly chemical is used for stain removal and cleaning surfaces like wooden decks and driveways. 
  • Oxalic acid – This chemical is particularly helpful for cleaning and rust removal.  

Keep in mind that these chemicals are rarely used individually, as most commercial house wash chemicals are formulated as mixtures of multiple chemicals all serving a different purpose. For example, a good house wash solution will generally consist of a combination of surfactants, acids, and degreasers to maximize all the cleaning benefits and versatility of uses.   

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