How to find a pre pressure wash solution?  

How to find a pre pressure wash solution?  

Finding the ideal solutions to prepare a surface to be pressure washed can be tricky, but fortunately, cleaning solutions are becoming more accessible and eco-friendlier. Before finding the ideal pre-pressure wash solution, it is important to understand why certain surfaces need to be prepped before pressure washing.  

Why should I prepare a surface to be pressure washed?  

  • Saves time – One of the biggest reasons to apply a pre pressure wash solution is because it will end up saving time in the long run, as it will be less likely that you must pressure wash more than once to completely clean a surface.  
  • Saves energy – When using a pre-wash solution that contains surfactants, it will bind to any contaminants and lift them from the surface they are stuck to, essentially loosening their grip on the surface. This makes pressure washing afterward significantly quicker and eliminates the need to scrub away impurities. 
  • Mold, algae, or fungus – When dealing with living organisms like mold and fungi, it is essential to apply a solution containing bleach to soak the contaminants and ensure that the organisms are killed from the root before trying to remove them. This also makes it much easier to pressure wash the mold off the surface after pre-soaking.  
  • Stain removal – For certain stains that may be present on a driveway, general pressure washing will not be enough to lift the stain, so it is much more effective to apply a pre-wash solution to lift the stains and further clean them with pressure washing.  

What kind of ingredients are in the ideal preparation solution?  

  • Surfactants – Easily one of the most important ingredients, these chemicals will loosen any stubborn dirt, grime, or impurities, perfect for preparing a surface to be washed.  
  • Bleach – It is extremely important to use bleach when dealing with living contaminants like mold, fungi, and algae.  
  • Degreasers – Certain degreasing chemicals, like sodium hydroxide, are essential when removing stains and grease before pressure washing.  

Looking for pressure washing chemicals?  

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